A summary of our most popular services is listed below. Prices correct as of 2023 season and all prices are exclusive of VAT.

Please note, we do not provide a sweep-only service.

Product/Service Price
Three-year Service Agreement Stove service and flue sweep £75.00
Standard Stove service and flue sweep £95.00
General Call out fee £60.00
Bird Nests per 1/2 hour £30.00
per hour £60.00
Firebricks Cut & Fit Service –  prices vary depending on size and labour required. Expect to pay £30 up to £100. NB its usually cheaper to order a full set from the manufacturer.
1 firebrick £30.00
2 firebrick £45.00
3 firebrick £60.00
4 firebrick £80.00
Extra labour for cutting extra amount £20.00
Fire-rope Standard fire-rope replacement is for flat 10mm self-adhesive (+ glue)
Small door replacement £30.00
Medium door replacement £40.00
Large door or double door replacement £50.00
Labour if we have to get special rope £30.00
Stove Glass Price Varies – approx. £60.00 depending on stove make and model
Fitting – from £25.00
Stove Care Moisture Meter £10.00
Stove Glass Cleaner £7.00
Wonder Wipes £6.00
CO alarm CO Alarm – supply and fit £50.00
CO Alarm (supply only) £30.00
Cowls – Materials C-cap £25.00
Junior bird guard (standard cowl) £55.00
Anti Down Draught (ADD) £90.00
Square bird guard £75.00
Cowls – Labour Prices vary depending on access (photos will be required before committing to a price). Typical prices as follows;
Labour to fit – house (2 storey) c.£100.00
Labour to fit – bungalow (1 storey) c.£80.00


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