If we disconnect a stove, we become liable for not only the stove but the flue system as well, therefore, we will never disconnect a stove that we have not fitted.

For all new customers, we must work through a checklist to ensure that your current set-up can be serviced – in some cases, the stove and system could be considered unsafe and we won’t be able to service it. Therefore, we will need to gather information before being able to commit to a service. This is all done by email as we will need photos and your full address, so we can check if it was installed professionally and in accordance with regulations.


Recently moved in?

If you’ve just moved into a house and there is no service record, or your stove isn’t working correctly, it’s a good idea to enquire about getting your stove serviced and flue swept.


Remote surveys

Please note that for any new enquiries, we won’t attend your property as the checks can be performed quite easily over the computer by a process of gathering information.

You may have one or two small things that are wrong which can be overcome, but if there is something blatantly dangerous/unsafe or a combination of small things that are unsafe, you may require a completely new installation.

Photos of your entire fireplace and lots of others showing the state of your stove (inside and out) will be important; We will want to see clear photos illustrating all the components of your stove – the door, glass, fire-rope seals, firebricks, baffle, and general state of the stove.

We will also want to see evidence of when and who it was fitted by. Providing your full address and postcode means we can do a quick search to see if your installation has been registered.


Following your first service

Once we have performed the first service, we will have a detailed record of what may be required for our next visit, so we can order the necessary parts in and bring them along with us on the subsequent service to save on call out fees and refitting costs.

On your first service it is likely that we will charge you our full and non-discounted rate. All being well, you will then be invited to sign up to our Three-year Service Agreement which is performed in our less busy months and is set a discounted rate, held at the same price for three consecutive years.


For more information about servicing your stove and flue, get in touch today by clicking here or completing the form below;