Sweeping flues is an essential maintenance service that should be performed every year. However, at Blazing Burners, we never just sweep the flue as a stand-alone service. Instead, we believe that servicing stoves regularly is just as important as having your flue swept.

This is why we check over & clean your stove and sweep your flue as part of our standard annual ‘service’. This service also includes checking your Carbon Monoxide alarm, as well as your fuel and how you burn it. Then we provide the right advice depending on what we find ensuring your stove and flue are kept running in the best way.

Stove servicing and flue sweeping –  an overview

We are quite particular in how we operate our service: We are organised and meticulous, and we make sure in advance that both parties understand what is involved so that, on the day, the service runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

As well as servicing your stove and sweeping your flue, we’ll check your CO alarm, test your wood and, on completion, issue you with a certificate detailing everything that we have done and what is recommended for the next service.

Learn about how we will perform your stove service here.

We offer a substantial discount off the price of each service, if you choose to sign up for our Three-year Service Agreement. Most of our regular customers have their service performed as part of this Agreement. Find out more here.

In addition to stove and flue servicing, we also provide other services designed to keep you safe and your chimney and house operating efficiently. We remove birds’ nests, fit cowls and Carbon Monoxide alarms and we can return to fit a consumable part that is damaged on your stove. This page details those services, explaining why you would need them.

Using your stove effectively has a direct impact on the life of your stove and flue. We have loads of advice on many useful topics covering what you should be burning, where you can buy your fuel, how to store it, and how you should be using it.

Just click here to access this vast array of good information that should really help you in the day to day running of your system.

We perform various services, and our prices can vary depending on the time of year.

You may require replacement parts for your stove or flue system, or you may have a bird’s nest that needs removing. You may also be without a lifesaving Carbon Monoxide alarm or may need a cowl that prevents water, insects and birds from entering your disused flue but allows it to ventilate and prevent issues caused with damp in your house.

Whatever you require, this page provides much more information on our prices.

A summary of our most popular services is listed below. Prices correct as of 2024 season and all prices are exclusive of VAT.

£95 Standard service (stove service and flue sweep – winter season or first service)
£75 Three-Year Service Agreement. This is the same standard service but performed for regular customers in our out of season months
Parts and materials Vary according to RRP. Fitting fees may also apply
£60 per hour Bird nest removal
£45 CO alarm supply and fit
£100+ Cowl supply and fit (cost varies depending on the cowl and building/access)
£30 Call out fee/Return visit (30 minutes or less)

Please note, we do not provide a sweep-only service.

When you first make contact with Blazing Burners to book in a stove service and flue sweep, we will gather all the information we need to help and will give you all the information you need in advance of your service. More details here. 


Why are stoves serviced?

Your stove and flue system work hand in hand – both have components that can fail, so servicing both elements ensures that they work safely, effectively and efficiently. Without a stove, the flue is redundant, so the stove is just as important as the flue!

When your stove isn’t working correctly, it has a direct impact on the flue system. The resulting damage caused by issues such as a loose fire-rope on the door can often mean early replacement of firebricks and baffles and, in some cases, the entire stove and flue system.


Why choose Blazing Burners for your stove service?

As an installation company, our expertise covers both stoves and flues, so we understand how the two need to work in synergy.

Unfortunately, it’s fairly common practice to have a flue regularly swept and cleaned, but the stove completely overlooked – until it needs attention or, in some cases, is too late for help. Quite often, the first contact a customer makes with us is when there is something wrong with their stove.

We aim to challenge this practice by taking care of both aspects right from the start. It will improve the longevity and function of your entire system.


Replacing firebricks in a freshly cleaned and swept stove.


Why should chimneys be swept?

The main reason for ‘chimney sweeping’ is to prevent the build-up of soot and tar-like substances that are waste products from combustion. These by-products are toxic and flammable and need removing. They can quickly build up and cause blockages within your flue. If they are not removed, you increase the chance of having a chimney fire and Carbon Monoxide (CO) poisoning, which could be fatal.

Chimney sweeping and stove maintenance are essential annual services. They ensure that your whole flue system is safe and effective and continues to be in good working order. Air quality is thus maintained in accordance with the Clean Air Strategy (Jan 2019).



A bit of history

Following on from the Great Fire of London in 1666, fire safety became an issue and small boys were used by “Master Sweeps” to clean existing flues. They were known as “climbing boys”.

The industrial revolution from 1760 meant that the plight of these boys was much worse.

A Bristolian called Joseph Glass came to the boy’s aid by introducing his chimney sweep machine in 1828. 3 legislation acts were passed between 30 years in the mid 1800’s to protect the boys and in 1875, the use of children for chimney sweeping came to an end.

More recent methods used individual rods that twist and connect. However, over the past several years, Rotary Power Sweeping has completely taken over the industry. This system uses power tools to connect to rods and spin them round. The rods connect and release to and from each other quickly. There are many brush types that interconnect with the rods.



How often should I have my stove serviced & flue swept?

Most schools of thought state every 3 months of solid use, which typically equates to once a year for most people (as the stove isn’t running for over 10 hours per day, 7 days a week!).


What type of fuel is best?

The type of fuel you burn and how you burn it also plays an important part in how your stove and flue performs.
We strongly advocate the use of locally sourced seasoned wood or wood briquettes/eco logs. Click here to learn more about how to fuel and use your fire.



The small print

Most household insurers will expect that your flue is swept annually to honour your contract.
The manufacturers of your flue and stove will expect the stoves to be serviced annually as part of their conditional warranties.


When should I book in my service?

It doesn’t really matter when the service is done, providing it is done annually.

Typically, the demand for sweeping is high in winter and you’ll likely have to wait for any sweep to be available. We prefer to focus on installations during the busy winter season and perform our services (flue sweep & stove service) during our less busy months. This tends to be around early spring through to the start of summer. To take advantage of our Three-year Service Agreement, your service needs to be carried out in our less busy months.


Get in touch

If you want to talk to us or use any of our services ranging from a flue sweep to a full stove service, or just to fit a cowl or a CO alarm, please get in contact with us via the form below, or for our full contact details click here.