Damian Vizzard – Owner
Blazing Burners – Stove installations



When it comes to stoves and flues, here at Blazing Burners, we really know our stuff! Whether you’re looking for general advice about all things stove-related, an estimate for a new stove installation or a stove service and flue sweep of your existing system, we can help!


How to contact us

The best way to get in touch to get the ball rolling and the fire burning is by sending us an email. The more information you include, the better;

Email us directly here with details of your enquiry. Please include the following information;

All enquiries

  1. Name
  2. Address and postcode
  3. Directions and a Google map link to your property
  4. Parking information (we need to park as close to the house as possible, preferably on a driveway)
  5. Details of any obstructions that would prevent us from parking a high, long-wheel base van with ladders e.g. low lying branches, narrow entrance etc



1. Your room dimensions (length, width, height in cm)
2. Your fireplace dimensions (length, width, height in cm)
3. Whether you have a chimney
4. Whether your fireplace/surround contains any combustible materials e.g. plasterboard
5. Any links to preferred makes/models of stove
6. Your ideal timeframe for installation

1. Your fireplace (or where you would like the stove to go)
2. Your room as a whole
3. Up the flue
4. Where you think our roof ladders will go on your roof
5. Where you think our ladders will go at the side of your property
6. Your stack and chimney pot OR where you think the flue will terminate


For SERVICE ENQUIRIES, we need to know

1. Stove make/model
2. Date of last service
3. Details of any issues when using your stove e.g. excess smoke, damage to the stove etc
4. Dates and times that wouldn’t suit you for a service.
1. Your fireplace
2. Your room as a whole
3. Up the flue
4. Close up of the stove
5. Your stack and chimney pot OR where the flue terminates
6. Your certificate of installation (if not installed by us)

NB we can only certify professionally installed systems so we will check on the HETAS register for your installation using your postcode.


Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. We will be in contact with you as soon as possible!