We have been modifying and creating fireplaces right from the birth of Blazing Burners over 6 years ago. Our ability to supply a one stop shop – stove, fireplace, installation – sets us apart from other smaller companies, and gives you other options rather than having to rely on a much bigger company.

We know what it takes to make a fireplace look good. We’ve transformed countless fireplaces over the years.

We’ve taken out open fires, gas fires, gas liners, back boilers, removed old dated stone fireplaces, knocked out fireplaces, inserted lintels, granite lintels, boarded out fireplaces, tiled fireplaces, rendered fireplaces, made custom logstores, laid countless hearths and made a lot of people of happy!





Nowadays we rarely have the time to do the larger scale fireplace renovations. We’re simply too busy. Instead we mostly take on small projects that we can complete in a day.

So we’ve hand picked some reliable and fantastic builders that can perform the work. We still organise the work but we don’t take any money for it. We’ll get all the materials in and our builders will do the work. You’ll pay them for the labour directly.

We will be able to organise the whole project to occur in one flawless sitting.

Once the work is agreed following on from the survey, one of our independent builders will come in to perform the remedial aspect of the work. The day after he is complete, our plaster/renderer will go in to make it all look great. If a hearth requires fitting this will either be done by the builder or by us on the day of the installation.

Either way, the whole process of the fireplace renovation will occur seamlessly. Builder – Plasterer – Installation.

The duration will vary according to the work that is required.



A job in a day – from an open fire to a stove – with a hearth, rendered fireplace and flexible flue liner


The work above was complete in a day. The total cost was £1800.00 and we had to travel to Polperro and back! (Yes that’s right – for the hearth, fireplace renovation, Salamander Hobbit SE stove, complete flexible flue liner installation)



Larger fireplace modifications

More often than not, the work cannot be complete in a day. For example when we have to enlarge fireplaces, we need to insert lintels to ensure the structural integrity is not compromised. This will then need making good.

You should expect a full fireplace renovation complete with stove installation within a working week. The work below was complete in 4 days.








Pricing up

We will be able to price up the planned works so that you will know what it will cost – labour and materials. Our builders are excellent at what they do and you can expect them to be just as hardworking, passionate and precise in their work as we are at ours. Since they have been working with us regularly, they understand what is expected from us. They will use the correct materials and techniques to ensure building regulations are followed specific to the installation of a solid fuel appliance (ADJ 2010). Furthermore we have taught and advised them on what is involved in an installation. Consequently, the way in which the fireplace is built is beneficial to our installation and allows the process to flow smoothly.

Through our experience of performing countless fireplace renovations, we can advise you on your various options available. We also know how long it will take, what complications should be avoided, and what materials will be required. Therefore our estimates are not only detailed and accurate but very competitive.

We will provide the materials but we expect you to pay the builders labour directly. We don’t take a cut. We’re happy to perform the instalaltion. This way you get a fair deal – a great service at a reasonable price.

Your property will be respected. We supply clean dust sheets and all rubble and rubbish will be removed from site. Any areas worked in will be cleaned. We believe this is an important part of who we are and what you should expect from a Blazing Burners installation. Our previous customers are testament to this. Please click here for a selection of reviews and testimonials.




Some granite lintels we’ve installed as part of a full fireplace renovation – knockout, render, hearth, plaster







An open fire to a Chesneys Alpine 4 stove – knockout, render, hearth, flexible flue liner – 2 days







An open fire to an Ecosy Hampton 5Kw – knockout, make good, hearth, flexible flue liner – 2 days



A few more examples