If you are considering having a stove installation, and are not sure if it is possible or what is involved, the simple solution would be to get in touch.

Information, Advice & Education

You can contact me at any time – although I prefer to receive emails before and after normal working hours.  I may not answer straight away (I may be up a chimney). I am contactable by phone and email. I aim to respond to any queries within 24 hours. I consider myself to be friendly and professional and I value customer service. I love to give out information as I believe that good knowledge is a great thing.

I may be able to ascertain what your installation involves over the phone/email and hence give you a ball park figure. If you are keen on an installation I will organise a free site survey. My diary changes from week to week and it may be that I perform the survey during an evening.

Other useful sources of independent information for any installation are HETAS and The Solid Fuel Association. For independent stove reviews consider WhatStove.


What is involved in a site survey?

Firstly it’s free – so no money is involved! However if I’m travelling over 40 minutes to your property, a small donation would be nice to help cover extra costs of time and travel…

It usually takes anything from 30-60 minutes. If you’re in a rush, I can perform a survey within 10 minutes.

I like to listen to what you want and from there will inform you what is possible and feasible in relation to what you want, building regulations and your property. There may be several options for installations.

I will take measurements, look up your chimney (if you have one), go into your loft and look at your roof and chimney stack. I’ll also ask quite a few questions.

I will give out and take in lots of information – don’t worry if you miss anything, I will have it all written (typed) down and will send you anything relevant via email.

From the information I have gained we will be able to put together your free quote which you should expect within 3 working days. The quote details all the information I have taken from the site survey so it is important that you read it and ask any questions that you may have regarding any issues detailed.

After the survey, you will also have a clear idea of what you want, what can be done and you’ll be able to get started making decisions on various choices you have. You’ll likely have some reading to do – or pictures to look at!


My trusty survey kit