I had just "dropped" a flexible flue liner down the flue and pot I'm straddling - you can see the liner in my hands. I'm about 10 metres up and had an amazing view of about 7 Cornish mines that day in St. Agnes!
That’s me!



Hi I’m Damian.

I own Blazing Burners and set it up over 5 years ago. It is a full time, small business. I employ another guy to help when I install and a plasterer (as I can’t!), otherwise I am a “one man band” type of company. I descaled the company a couple of years ago from a larger company to a smaller one to ensure both quality of workmanship and also quality of my life!

You can contact me by phone or email at any time – although I prefer not to receive texts & phone-calls before and after normal working hours.  An email to hello@blazingburners.co.uk would be better. I may not answer emails or calls/texts immediately as I may be on top of a roof (or asleep!). I aim to respond to any queries within 24 hours, although please bare in mind that I am the main installer, stove dealer, researcher, receptionist, warehouse manager, book-keeper and surveyor (amongst other titles), so my time can be limited on occasions.

I take pride in my work, have high standards, and make sure excellent workmanship is maintained. You should expect the same. I’m tidy, organised and regularly go the extra mile in order that a great job is done. I consider myself to be friendly and professional and I value customer service. This is my business and I take care to ensure that my customers are satisfied. As I am a “one man business”, what you see on the survey is what you get when I walk in your home again to perform the work.

If you would like more information on my wood burner installations & services please get in touch. I offer free advice, peform free site surveys and provide no obligation free estimates.



Email: hello@blazingburners.co.uk

Website: www.blazingburners.co.uk

Phone07798 634388

LinkedIn: Damian Vizzard

Facebook: Blazing Burners

Twitter: @blazingburners

Instagram: blazingburners

Damian Vizzard – Owner




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